SEWER LINE Repair Services

Sewer back-ups create odour, property damage and loss, the possibility for mould and mildew, and increased risk of disease. Restoring your home can be costly; insurance claims can prolong the difficulties endured with a sewer backup in your St. Albert or Edmonton area home. Our sewer line repair services will get you back on track!

Our Sewer Services include, but are not limited to:

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    Hole in ground with exposed water line for inspection and replacement

    Sewer back-ups in the St. Albert & Edmonton area can be due to several factors:

    Mainline Water and Sewer Ltd. knows what it takes to keep your sewer running. We are here to serve the needs of Edmonton and surrounding area residents who are worried a problem may exist or are already suffering the effects of a sewer backup.


    Roots growing in your property’s drainage or sewer system are widespread and can cause significant problems such as sewage back-ups and blockages. Many properties have abundant trees and bushes that can penetrate deep into the ground and your sewer line system.

    We would use an auger machine to remove growing roots quickly and efficiently inside your pipes. Our commercial-grade augers have enough power to travel hundreds of feet through a pipe, clearing everything in its path. Our augers have a heavy-duty reel with a specialized cutting tip that will cut through the roots and entirely remove blockages.

    Although it is not a permanent repair, it gives you time to decide on a permanent repair through sanitary line replacement or installing a lining.

    24/7 Emergency Service

    Our customer service includes 24/7 emergency services and coordination with all involved parties: municipalities, general contractors, condo boards, property managers, homeowners, and utility providers. Worksites are safely maintained, and we are second to none for cleanliness and minimal property disturbance. Put simply: our mission is to provide high-quality service!

    Sewer Line Repair Services in Edmonton: Ensuring Efficient Solutions for Your Plumbing Woes

    When it comes to maintaining your home’s plumbing, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the condition of your sewer lines. In Edmonton, the efficient functioning of these lines is essential for a smooth-running household. However, blockages, leaks, or deterioration can disrupt your daily life and require immediate attention.

    Understanding the Need for Sewer Line Repair

    Sewer line problems can manifest in various ways, from slow drains to foul odours emanating from your plumbing system. Ignoring these signs can lead to more significant issues, including potential damage to your property and health hazards due to sewage leaks.

    Prompt action is crucial when addressing sewer line concerns. Delaying repairs can exacerbate the problem, resulting in costly and extensive damage. Seeking professional sewer line repair services at the first sign of trouble is critical in preventing further complications.

    Professional Expertise for Effective Solutions

    Engaging the services of experienced and certified plumbing professionals ensures that your sewer line issues are accurately diagnosed and efficiently resolved. These experts utilize advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to pinpoint the problem areas and execute precise repairs or replacements.

    Depending on the severity of the issue, various repair methods may be employed. These include trenchless repairs, where advanced technology allows for minimal disruption to your property, and traditional excavation methods for more extensive repairs.

    Benefits of Professional Sewer Line Services

    Choosing professional sewer line repair services offers several advantages. These experts provide lasting solutions and offer preventive maintenance tips to avoid future issues.

    Ensuring the proper functioning of your sewer lines is crucial for a hassle-free living experience in Edmonton. By addressing issues promptly and engaging the expertise of qualified professionals, you can mitigate plumbing problems and maintain a smoothly running household.

    In conclusion, prioritizing sewer line repair services safeguards your property, health, and overall well-being. Choose reliable professionals in Edmonton to promptly address your sewer line concerns and ensure a stress-free living environment.

    Remember, taking proactive steps today can save you from significant plumbing headaches tomorrow. For reliable and efficient sewer line repair services in Edmonton, trust the expertise of seasoned professionals.

    Photo showing trenching for water line replacement
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